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Uses of JRubyModule in org.jruby

Classes in org.jruby with annotations of type JRubyModule
 class RubyComparable
          Implementation of the Comparable module.
 class RubyDigest
static class RubyDigest.DigestInstance
 class RubyEnumerable
          The implementation of Ruby's Enumerable module.
 class RubyEnumerator
          Implementation of Ruby's Enumerator module.
 class RubyEtc
static class RubyFile.Constants
 class RubyFileTest
 class RubyGC
          GC (Garbage Collection) Module Note: Since we rely on Java's memory model we can't provide the kind of control over garbage collection that MRI provides.
static class RubyIconv.Failure
 class RubyJRuby
          Module which defines JRuby-specific methods for use.
static class RubyJRuby.JRubyExtensions
 class RubyKernel
          Note: For CVS history, see
 class RubyMarshal
          Marshal module
 class RubyMath
 class RubyNKF
 class RubyObjectSpace
 class RubyPrecision
 class RubyProcess
static class RubyProcess.GroupID
static class RubyProcess.Sys
static class RubyProcess.UserID
 class RubySignal

Uses of JRubyModule in org.jruby.ext

Classes in org.jruby.ext with annotations of type JRubyModule
static class NetProtocolBufferedIO.NativeImpl
 class Readline

Uses of JRubyModule in org.jruby.ext.socket

Classes in org.jruby.ext.socket with annotations of type JRubyModule
static class RubySocket.Constants

Uses of JRubyModule in org.jruby.ext.zlib

Classes in org.jruby.ext.zlib with annotations of type JRubyModule
 class RubyZlib

Uses of JRubyModule in org.jruby.javasupport

Classes in org.jruby.javasupport with annotations of type JRubyModule
 class Java
 class JavaArrayUtilities
 class JavaUtilities

Uses of JRubyModule in org.jruby.libraries

Classes in org.jruby.libraries with annotations of type JRubyModule
 class RbConfigLibrary

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