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Uses of ListNode in org.jruby.ast

Subclasses of ListNode in org.jruby.ast
 class ArrayNode
          Represents an array.
 class BlockNode
          Represents a block of nodes (read that as list).
 class DNode
          Base class for all D (e.g.
 class DRegexpNode
          A regexp which contains some expressions which will need to be evaluated everytime the regexp is used for a match.
 class DStrNode
          A string which contains some dynamic elements which needs to be evaluated (introduced by #).
 class DSymbolNode
          Node representing symbol in a form like ':"3jane"'.
 class DXStrNode
          Dynamic backquote string.

Methods in org.jruby.ast that return ListNode
 ListNode ListNode.add(Node node)
 ListNode ListNode.addAll(ListNode other)
          Add all elements in other list to this list node.
 ListNode ListNode.addAll(Node other)
          Add other element to this list
 ListNode ArgsNode.getArgs()
 ListNode CaseNode.getCases()
 ListNode MultipleAsgnNode.getHeadNode()
          Gets the headNode.
 ListNode HashNode.getListNode()
          Gets the listNode.
 ListNode ArgsNode.getOptArgs()
          Gets the optArgs.
 ListNode ArgsNode.getPost()
 ListNode MultipleAsgn19Node.getPost()
 ListNode ArgsNode.getPre()
          Gets the required arguments at the beginning of the argument definition
 ListNode MultipleAsgn19Node.getPre()
 ListNode MultipleAsgnNode.getPre()
 ListNode ListNode.prepend(Node node)

Methods in org.jruby.ast with parameters of type ListNode
 ListNode ListNode.addAll(ListNode other)
          Add all elements in other list to this list node.

Constructors in org.jruby.ast with parameters of type ListNode
ArgsNode(ISourcePosition position, ListNode pre, ListNode optionalArguments, RestArgNode rest, ListNode post, BlockArgNode blockArgNode)
ArgsPreOneArgNode(ISourcePosition position, ListNode pre)
ArgsPreTwoArgNode(ISourcePosition position, ListNode pre)
CaseNode(ISourcePosition position, Node caseNode, ListNode cases)
Hash19Node(ISourcePosition position, ListNode listNode)
HashNode(ISourcePosition position, ListNode listNode)
MultipleAsgn19Node(ISourcePosition position, ListNode pre, Node rest, ListNode post)
MultipleAsgnNode(ISourcePosition position, ListNode pre, Node rest)

Uses of ListNode in org.jruby.parser

Methods in org.jruby.parser that return ListNode
 ListNode ParserSupport.list_append(Node list, Node item)
 ListNode ParserSupport.list_concat(Node first, Node second)

Methods in org.jruby.parser with parameters of type ListNode
 Node ParserSupport.new_args(ISourcePosition position, ListNode pre, ListNode optional, RestArgNode rest, ListNode post, BlockArgNode block)

Uses of ListNode in org.jruby.runtime.assigner

Constructors in org.jruby.runtime.assigner with parameters of type ListNode
PreManyRest0Post0Assigner(ListNode pre, int preCount)
PreManyRest0Post0BlockAssigner(ListNode pre, int preCount, Node blockVar)
PreManyRest1Post0Assigner(ListNode pre, int preLength, Node rest)
PreManyRest1Post0BlockAssigner(ListNode pre, int preLength, Node rest, Node blockVar)

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