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Packages that use ILiteralNode

Uses of ILiteralNode in org.jruby.ast

Classes in org.jruby.ast that implement ILiteralNode
 class ArrayNode
          Represents an array.
 class BignumNode
          Represents a big integer literal.
 class DRegexpNode
          A regexp which contains some expressions which will need to be evaluated everytime the regexp is used for a match.
 class DStrNode
          A string which contains some dynamic elements which needs to be evaluated (introduced by #).
 class DXStrNode
          Dynamic backquote string.
 class FileNode
          Represents __FILE__ nodes
 class FixnumNode
          Represents an integer literal.
 class FloatNode
          Represents a float literal.
 class RegexpNode
          Represents a simple regular expression literal.
 class StrNode
          Representing a simple String literal.
 class SymbolNode
          Represents a symbol (:symbol_name).
 class XStrNode
          A Backtick(`) string
 class ZArrayNode
          zero length list

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