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Uses of INameNode in org.jruby.ast

Classes in org.jruby.ast that implement INameNode
 class ArgumentNode
          Simple Node for named entities.
 class AttrAssignNode
          Node that represents an assignment of either an array element or attribute.
 class AttrAssignOneArgNode
 class AttrAssignThreeArgNode
 class AttrAssignTwoArgNode
 class BlockArgNode
          An explicit block argument (&my_block) in parameter list.
 class CallManyArgsBlockNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallManyArgsBlockPassNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallManyArgsNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallNoArgBlockNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallNoArgBlockPassNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallNoArgNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallOneArgBlockNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallOneArgBlockPassNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallOneArgFixnumNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallOneArgNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallSpecialArgBlockNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallSpecialArgBlockPassNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallSpecialArgNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallThreeArgBlockNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallThreeArgBlockPassNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallThreeArgNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallTwoArgBlockNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallTwoArgBlockPassNode
          A method or operator call.
 class CallTwoArgNode
          A method or operator call.
 class ClassVarAsgnNode
          Class variable assignment node.
 class ClassVarDeclNode
          Class variable declaration.
 class ClassVarNode
          Access to a class variable.
 class Colon2ConstNode
 class Colon2ImplicitNode
          Represents a bare class declaration (e.g.
 class Colon2MethodNode
          Represents a constant path which ends in a method (e.g.
 class Colon2Node
          Represents a '::' constant access or method call (Java::JavaClass).
 class Colon3Node
          Global scope node (::FooBar).
 class ConstDeclNode
          Declaration (and assignment) of a Constant.
 class ConstNode
          The access to a Constant.
 class DAsgnNode
          An assignment to a dynamic variable (e.g.
 class DefnNode
          method definition node.
 class DefsNode
          Represents a singleton method definition.
 class DVarNode
          Access a dynamic variable (e.g.
 class FalseNode
          Represents a false literal.
 class FCallManyArgsBlockNode
 class FCallManyArgsBlockPassNode
          For SplatNode and ArgsCatNode calls.
 class FCallManyArgsNode
          Represents a method call with self as an implicit receiver.
 class FCallNoArgBlockNode
 class FCallNoArgBlockPassNode
 class FCallNoArgNode
 class FCallNode
          Represents a method call with self as an implicit receiver.
 class FCallOneArgBlockNode
 class FCallOneArgBlockPassNode
 class FCallOneArgNode
 class FCallSpecialArgBlockNode
          For SplatNode and ArgsCatNode calls.
 class FCallSpecialArgBlockPassNode
 class FCallSpecialArgNode
          For SplatNode and ArgsCatNode calls.
 class FCallThreeArgBlockNode
 class FCallThreeArgBlockPassNode
 class FCallThreeArgNode
 class FCallTwoArgBlockNode
 class FCallTwoArgBlockPassNode
 class FCallTwoArgNode
 class GlobalAsgnNode
          Represents an assignment to a global variable.
 class GlobalVarNode
          access to a global variable.
 class InstAsgnNode
          Represents an instance variable assignment.
 class InstVarNode
          Represents an instance variable accessor.
 class LocalAsgnNode
          An assignment to a local variable.
 class LocalVarNode
          Access a local variable
 class MethodDefNode
 class NilImplicitNode
          A node which behaves like a nil node, but is not actually present in the AST as a syntactical element (e.g.
 class NilNode
          represents 'nil'
 class OptArgNode
 class RestArgNode
 class SelfNode
          Represents 'self' keyword
 class SymbolNode
          Represents a symbol (:symbol_name).
 class TrueNode
          Represents 'true'.
 class TypedArgumentNode
 class UnnamedRestArgNode
          a bare '*' or nothing.
 class VCallNode
          RubyMethod call without any arguments

Constructors in org.jruby.ast with parameters of type INameNode
ConstDeclNode(ISourcePosition position, java.lang.String name, INameNode constNode, Node valueNode)

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