Uses of Interface

Packages that use Profile

Uses of Profile in org.jruby

Fields in org.jruby declared as Profile
static Profile Profile.ALL
static Profile Profile.ANY
static Profile Profile.DEBUG_ALLOW
static Profile Profile.DEFAULT
static Profile Profile.NO_FILE_CLASS

Methods in org.jruby that return Profile
 Profile Ruby.getProfile()
 Profile RubyInstanceConfig.getProfile()

Methods in org.jruby with parameters of type Profile
 void RubyInstanceConfig.setProfile(Profile newProfile)

Uses of Profile in org.jruby.embed

Methods in org.jruby.embed that return Profile
 Profile EmbedRubyInstanceConfigAdapter.getProfile()
          Returns a profiler currently used.
 Profile ScriptingContainer.getProfile()
          Returns a Profile currently used.

Methods in org.jruby.embed with parameters of type Profile
 void EmbedRubyInstanceConfigAdapter.setProfile(Profile profile)
          Changes a profiler to a given one.
 void ScriptingContainer.setProfile(Profile profile)
          Changes a Profile to a given one.

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