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protected  java.util.List<FlowGraphNode> DataFlowProblem._fgNodes

Methods in that return FlowGraphNode
abstract  FlowGraphNode DataFlowProblem.buildFlowGraphNode(BasicBlock bb)
protected  FlowGraphNode DataFlowProblem.getFlowGraphNode(BasicBlock b)

Methods in with parameters of type FlowGraphNode
abstract  void FlowGraphNode.compute_MEET(CFG.CFG_Edge edge, FlowGraphNode pred)
          "MEET" current solution of "IN/OUT" with "OUT/IN(pred)", where "pred" is a predecessor of the current node! The choice of "IN/OUT" is determined by the direction of data flow.

Method parameters in with type arguments of type FlowGraphNode
 void FlowGraphNode.computeDataFlowInfo(java.util.List<FlowGraphNode> workList, java.util.BitSet bbSet)

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 class BindingLoadPlacementNode
 class BindingStorePlacementNode
 class LiveVariableNode

Methods in that return FlowGraphNode
 FlowGraphNode BindingLoadPlacementProblem.buildFlowGraphNode(BasicBlock bb)
 FlowGraphNode BindingStorePlacementProblem.buildFlowGraphNode(BasicBlock bb)
 FlowGraphNode LiveVariablesProblem.buildFlowGraphNode(BasicBlock bb)

Methods in with parameters of type FlowGraphNode
 void BindingLoadPlacementNode.compute_MEET(CFG.CFG_Edge edge, FlowGraphNode pred)
 void BindingStorePlacementNode.compute_MEET(CFG.CFG_Edge edge, FlowGraphNode pred)
 void LiveVariableNode.compute_MEET(CFG.CFG_Edge edge, FlowGraphNode pred)

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