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static void ArrayJavaAddons.copyDataToJavaArray(ThreadContext context, RubyArray rubyArray, int src, JavaArray javaArray, int dest, int length)
static void ArrayJavaAddons.copyDataToJavaArray(ThreadContext context, RubyArray rubyArray, JavaArray javaArray)

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 JavaArray ArrayJavaProxy.getJavaArray()

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Methods in org.jruby.javasupport with parameters of type JavaArray
 IRubyObject JavaClass.concatArrays(ThreadContext context, JavaArray original, IRubyObject additional)
          The slow version for when concatenating a Java array of a different type.
 IRubyObject JavaClass.concatArrays(ThreadContext context, JavaArray original, JavaArray additional)
          Contatenate two Java arrays into a new one.
 IRubyObject JavaClass.javaArraySubarray(ThreadContext context, JavaArray fromArray, int index, int size)

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