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Packages that use InstanceVariables

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby

Classes in org.jruby that implement InstanceVariables
static class BasicObjectStub.DummyInstanceVariables
 class IncludedModuleWrapper
          This class is used to provide an intermediate superclass for modules and classes that include other modules.
 class MetaClass
 class NativeException
 class RubyArray
          The implementation of the built-in class Array in Ruby.
 class RubyBasicObject
 class RubyBigDecimal
 class RubyBignum
 class RubyBinding
 class RubyBoolean
 class RubyClass
 class RubyClassPathVariable
 class RubyComplex
          1.9 complex.c as of revision: 20011
 class RubyContinuation
          Placeholder until/if we can support this
 class RubyConverter
static class RubyDigest.DigestBase
static class RubyDigest.DigestClass
 class RubyDir
          .The Ruby built-in class Dir.
 class RubyEncoding
 class RubyEnumerator
          Implementation of Ruby's Enumerator module.
 class RubyException
 class RubyFile
          Ruby File class equivalent in java.
 class RubyFileStat
          Implements File::Stat
 class RubyFixnum
          Implementation of the Fixnum class.
 class RubyFloat
          A representation of a float object
static class RubyGlobal.CaseInsensitiveStringOnlyRubyHash
          Obligate string-keyed and string-valued hash, used for ENV.
static class RubyGlobal.StringOnlyRubyHash
          A Pseudo-hash whose keys and values are required to be Strings.
 class RubyHash
          Implementation of the Hash class.
 class RubyIconv
static class RubyIconv.RubyFailure
 class RubyInteger
          Implementation of the Integer class.
 class RubyIO
static class RubyJRuby.JRubyExecutionContextLocal
static class RubyJRuby.JRubyFiberLocal
static class RubyJRuby.JRubyThreadLocal
 class RubyLocalJumpError
 class RubyMatchData
 class RubyMethod
          The RubyMethod class represents a RubyMethod object.
 class RubyModule
 class RubyNameError
static class RubyNameError.RubyNameErrorMessage
          Nested class whose instances act as thunks reacting to to_str method called from (Exception#to_str, Exception#message) MRI equivalent: rb_cNameErrorMesg, class name: "message", construction method: "!", to_str implementation: "name_err_mesg_to_str" TODO: this class should not be lookupable
 class RubyNil
 class RubyNoMethodError
 class RubyNumeric
          Base class for all numerical types in ruby.
 class RubyObject
          RubyObject is the only implementation of the IRubyObject.
static class RubyObject.Data
 class RubyProc
static class RubyProcess.RubyStatus
 class RubyRandom
          Implementation of the Random class.
 class RubyRange
 class RubyRational
          1.9 rational.c as of revision: 20011
 class RubyRegexp
 class RubyString
          Implementation of Ruby String class Concurrency: no synchronization is required among readers, but all users must synchronize externally with writers.
 class RubyStringIO
 class RubyStringScanner
 class RubyStruct
 class RubySymbol
          Represents a Ruby symbol (e.g.
 class RubySystemCallError
 class RubySystemExit
 class RubyTempfile
          An implementation of tempfile.rb in Java.
 class RubyThread
          Implementation of Ruby's Thread class.
 class RubyThreadGroup
          Implementation of Ruby's ThreadGroup class.
 class RubyTime
          The Time class.
 class RubyUnboundMethod
          Note: This was renamed from
 class RubyYielder

Methods in org.jruby that return InstanceVariables
 InstanceVariables RubyBasicObject.getInstanceVariables()
          Dummy method to avoid a cast, and to avoid polluting the IRubyObject interface with all the instance variable management methods.
static InstanceVariables BasicObjectStub.getInstanceVariables(IRubyObject self)

Methods in org.jruby with parameters of type InstanceVariables
 void BasicObjectStub.DummyInstanceVariables.copyInstanceVariablesInto(InstanceVariables other)
 void RubyBasicObject.copyInstanceVariablesInto(InstanceVariables other)

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.cext

Classes in org.jruby.cext that implement InstanceVariables
 class RubyData

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.demo.ext

Classes in org.jruby.demo.ext that implement InstanceVariables
 class MethodMissing
          This is a demonstration of how to bind method_missing in a JRuby extension

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.ext

Classes in org.jruby.ext that implement InstanceVariables
 class WeakRef

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.ext.ffi

Classes in org.jruby.ext.ffi that implement InstanceVariables
 class AbstractInvoker
          A native function invoker
 class AbstractMemory
          A abstract memory object that defines operations common to both pointers and memory buffers
 class AutoPointer
 class Buffer
 class CallbackInfo
          Defines a C callback's parameters and return type.
 class Enum
          Represents a C enum
 class MappedType
          A type which represents a conversion to/from a native type.
 class MemoryPointer
 class Pointer
          C memory pointer operations.
 class Struct
 class StructByReference
 class StructByValue
 class StructLayout
          Defines the memory layout for a native structure.
static class StructLayout.ArrayField
static class StructLayout.ArrayProxy
static class StructLayout.CharArrayProxy
static class StructLayout.EnumField
static class StructLayout.Field
static class StructLayout.FunctionField
static class StructLayout.InnerStructField
static class StructLayout.MappedField
static class StructLayout.NumberField
static class StructLayout.PointerField
 class Type
static class Type.Array
static class Type.Builtin

Uses of InstanceVariables in

Classes in that implement InstanceVariables
 class FileDescriptorIO
          An IO implementation that reads/writes to a native file descriptor.

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.ext.ffi.jffi

Classes in org.jruby.ext.ffi.jffi that implement InstanceVariables
 class DynamicLibrary
static class DynamicLibrary.Symbol
 class Function
 class JFFIInvoker
 class VariadicInvoker

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.ext.fiber

Classes in org.jruby.ext.fiber that implement InstanceVariables
 class CoroutineFiber
 class Fiber
 class ThreadFiber

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.ext.psych

Classes in org.jruby.ext.psych that implement InstanceVariables
 class PsychEmitter
 class PsychParser

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.ext.socket

Classes in org.jruby.ext.socket that implement InstanceVariables
 class RubyBasicSocket
 class RubyIPSocket
 class RubySocket
 class RubyTCPServer
 class RubyTCPSocket
 class RubyUDPSocket
 class RubyUNIXServer
 class RubyUNIXSocket

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.ext.zlib

Classes in org.jruby.ext.zlib that implement InstanceVariables
static class RubyZlib.JZlibDeflate
static class RubyZlib.JZlibInflate
static class RubyZlib.JZlibRubyGzipReader
static class RubyZlib.JZlibRubyGzipWriter
static class RubyZlib.RubyGzipFile
static class RubyZlib.ZStream

Uses of InstanceVariables in

Classes in that implement InstanceVariables
 class ArrayJavaProxy
 class ArrayJavaProxyCreator
          A shim class created when constructing primitive arrays from proxied Java classes.
 class ConcreteJavaProxy
 class InterfaceJavaProxy
 class JavaProxy
 class MapJavaProxy

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.javasupport

Classes in org.jruby.javasupport that implement InstanceVariables
 class JavaAccessibleObject
 class JavaArray
 class JavaCallable
 class JavaClass
 class JavaConstructor
 class JavaField
 class JavaMethod
 class JavaObject

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.javasupport.proxy

Classes in org.jruby.javasupport.proxy that implement InstanceVariables
 class JavaProxyClass
          Generalized proxy for classes and interfaces.
static class JavaProxyClass.ProxyMethodImpl
 class JavaProxyConstructor
 class JavaProxyReflectionObject

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.libraries

Classes in org.jruby.libraries that implement InstanceVariables
static class ThreadLibrary.ConditionVariable
static class ThreadLibrary.Mutex
static class ThreadLibrary.Queue
static class ThreadLibrary.SizedQueue

Uses of InstanceVariables in org.jruby.runtime.builtin

Methods in org.jruby.runtime.builtin that return InstanceVariables
 InstanceVariables IRubyObject.getInstanceVariables()

Methods in org.jruby.runtime.builtin with parameters of type InstanceVariables
 void InstanceVariables.copyInstanceVariablesInto(InstanceVariables other)
          Copies all instance variables from the given object into the receiver

Uses of InstanceVariables in

Classes in that implement InstanceVariables
 class JRubyObjectInputStream

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