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Packages that use Frame

Uses of Frame in org.jruby.internal.runtime

Constructors in org.jruby.internal.runtime with parameters of type Frame
RubyRunnable(RubyThread rubyThread, IRubyObject[] args, Frame[] frames, Block currentBlock)

Uses of Frame in org.jruby.interpreter

Fields in org.jruby.interpreter declared as Frame
protected  Frame NaiveInterpreterContext.frame

Methods in org.jruby.interpreter that return Frame
 Frame InterpreterContext.getFrame()
 Frame NaiveInterpreterContext.getFrame()

Methods in org.jruby.interpreter with parameters of type Frame
 void InterpreterContext.setFrame(Frame currentFrame)
 void NaiveInterpreterContext.setFrame(Frame frame)

Uses of Frame in org.jruby.runtime

Methods in org.jruby.runtime that return Frame
 Frame[] ThreadContext.createBacktrace(int level, boolean nativeException)
          Create an Array with backtrace information.
 Frame Frame.duplicate()
          Clone this frame.
 Frame Frame.duplicateForBacktrace()
          Clone this frame for use in backtraces only (avoiding long-lived references to other elements.
 Frame ThreadContext.getCurrentFrame()
 Frame ThreadContext.getCurrentRubyFrame()
 Frame Binding.getFrame()
          Gets the frame.
 Frame Block.getFrame()
          Gets the frame.
 Frame[] ThreadContext.getFrames(int delta)
 Frame ThreadContext.getNextFrame()
 Frame ThreadContext.getPreviousFrame()
protected  Frame CompiledBlockLight.pre(ThreadContext context, RubyModule klass, Binding binding)
protected  Frame CompiledBlockLight19.pre(ThreadContext context, RubyModule klass, Binding binding)
protected  Frame CompiledSharedScopeBlock.pre(ThreadContext context, RubyModule klass, Binding binding)
protected  Frame ContextAwareBlockBody.pre(ThreadContext context, RubyModule klass, Binding binding)
protected  Frame MethodBlock.pre(ThreadContext context, RubyModule klass, Binding binding)
protected  Frame SharedScopeBlock.pre(ThreadContext context, RubyModule klass, Binding binding)
 Frame ThreadContext.preEvalWithBinding(Binding binding)
 Frame ThreadContext.preForBlock(Binding binding, RubyModule klass)
 Frame ThreadContext.preYieldLightBlock(Binding binding, DynamicScope emptyScope, RubyModule klass)
 Frame ThreadContext.preYieldNoScope(Binding binding, RubyModule klass)
 Frame ThreadContext.preYieldSpecificBlock(Binding binding, StaticScope scope, RubyModule klass)

Methods in org.jruby.runtime with parameters of type Frame
protected  void context, Binding binding, Visibility vis, Frame lastFrame)
protected  void context, Binding binding, Visibility vis, Frame lastFrame)
protected  void context, Binding binding, Visibility vis, Frame lastFrame)
protected  void context, Binding binding, Visibility visibility, Frame lastFrame)
 void ThreadContext.postEvalWithBinding(Binding binding, Frame lastFrame)
 void ThreadContext.postYield(Binding binding, Frame lastFrame)
 void ThreadContext.postYieldLight(Binding binding, Frame lastFrame)
 void ThreadContext.postYieldNoScope(Frame lastFrame)
 void ThreadContext.preRunThread(Frame[] currentFrames)
 void Frame.updateFrame(Frame frame)
          Update the frame based on information from another frame.

Constructors in org.jruby.runtime with parameters of type Frame
Binding(Frame frame, RubyModule bindingClass, DynamicScope dynamicScope, BacktraceElement backtrace)
Binding(IRubyObject self, Frame frame, Visibility visibility, RubyModule klass, DynamicScope dynamicScope, BacktraceElement backtrace)

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