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Packages that use Library

Uses of Library in org.jruby.embed.osgi.internal

Classes in org.jruby.embed.osgi.internal that implement Library
 class OSGiBundleLibrary

Methods in org.jruby.embed.osgi.internal that return Library
protected  Library OSGiLoadService.createLibrary(LoadService.SearchState state, LoadServiceResource resource)
          Support for 'bundle:/' to look for libraries in osgi bundles.

Uses of Library in org.jruby.ext

Classes in org.jruby.ext that implement Library
 class DelegateLibrary
 class LateLoadingLibrary
 class ReadlineService
 class Timeout
 class WeakRefLibrary

Uses of Library in org.jruby.ext.coverage

Classes in org.jruby.ext.coverage that implement Library
 class CoverageLibrary

Uses of Library in org.jruby.ext.ffi

Classes in org.jruby.ext.ffi that implement Library
 class FFIService

Uses of Library in org.jruby.ext.fiber

Classes in org.jruby.ext.fiber that implement Library
 class CoroutineFiberLibrary
          A coroutine-based implementation of Ruby 1.9 Fiber library.
 class FiberExtLibrary
          These methods get loaded when you require 'fiber'.
 class ThreadFiberLibrary
          A thread-based implementation of Ruby 1.9 Fiber library.

Uses of Library in org.jruby.ext.jruby

Classes in org.jruby.ext.jruby that implement Library
 class JRubyCoreExtLibrary
 class JRubyExtLibrary
 class JRubySynchronizedLibrary
 class JRubyTypeLibrary
 class JRubyUtilLibrary
          Utilities library for all those methods that don't need the full 'java' library to be loaded.

Uses of Library in org.jruby.ext.mathn

Classes in org.jruby.ext.mathn that implement Library
 class Complex
 class Rational

Uses of Library in org.jruby.ext.psych

Classes in org.jruby.ext.psych that implement Library
 class PsychLibrary

Uses of Library in org.jruby.ext.socket

Classes in org.jruby.ext.socket that implement Library
 class SocketLibrary

Uses of Library in org.jruby.ext.zlib

Classes in org.jruby.ext.zlib that implement Library
 class ZlibLibrary

Uses of Library in org.jruby.javasupport

Classes in org.jruby.javasupport that implement Library
 class Java

Uses of Library in org.jruby.libraries

Classes in org.jruby.libraries that implement Library
 class BigDecimalLibrary
 class DigestLibrary
 class EnumeratorLibrary
 class EtcLibrary
 class FcntlLibrary
          Populates all the constants for Fcntl from Constantine
 class IConvLibrary
 class IOWaitLibrary
 class JRubyLibrary
 class JRubySerializationLibrary
 class MD5
 class NetProtocolBufferedIOLibrary
 class NKFLibrary
 class RbConfigLibrary
 class RMD160
 class SHA1
 class SHA2
 class StringIOLibrary
 class StringScannerLibrary
 class TempfileLibrary
 class ThreadLibrary

Uses of Library in org.jruby.runtime.load

Classes in org.jruby.runtime.load that implement Library
 class CExtension
          This class wraps the ModuleLoader for loading c-extensions in JRuby.
 class ClassExtensionLibrary
          The ClassExtensionLibrary wraps a class which implements BasicLibraryService, and when asked to load the service, does a basicLoad of the BasicLibraryService.
 class ExternalScript
 class JarredScript
          Loading of Ruby scripts packaged in Jar files.
 class JavaCompiledScript
 class LoadService.ScriptClassSearcher.ScriptClassLibrary

Fields in org.jruby.runtime.load declared as Library
 Library LoadService.SearchState.library

Fields in org.jruby.runtime.load with type parameters of type Library
protected  java.util.Map<java.lang.String,Library> LoadService.builtinLibraries

Methods in org.jruby.runtime.load that return Library
protected  Library LoadService.createLibrary(LoadService.SearchState state, LoadServiceResource resource)
protected  Library LoadService.findBuiltinLibrary(LoadService.SearchState state, java.lang.String baseName, LoadService.SuffixType suffixType)
protected  Library LoadService.findLibraryWithClassloaders(LoadService.SearchState state, java.lang.String baseName, LoadService.SuffixType suffixType)
protected  Library LoadService.findLibraryWithoutCWD(LoadService.SearchState state, java.lang.String baseName, LoadService.SuffixType suffixType)

Methods in org.jruby.runtime.load with parameters of type Library
 void LoadService.addBuiltinLibrary(java.lang.String name, Library library)

Uses of Library in org.jruby.util

Classes in org.jruby.util that implement Library
 class BuiltinScript
          Loading of Ruby scripts that are built into JRuby.

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