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Uses of MarshalStream in org.jruby

Methods in org.jruby with parameters of type MarshalStream
 void RubyClass.marshal(java.lang.Object obj, MarshalStream marshalStream)
 void RubyBoolean.marshalTo(MarshalStream output)
static void RubyArray.marshalTo(RubyArray array, MarshalStream output)
static void RubyBignum.marshalTo(RubyBignum bignum, MarshalStream output)
static void RubyClass.marshalTo(RubyClass clazz, MarshalStream output)
static void RubyFloat.marshalTo(RubyFloat aFloat, MarshalStream output)
static void RubyHash.marshalTo(RubyHash hash, MarshalStream output)
static void RubyModule.marshalTo(RubyModule module, MarshalStream output)
static void RubyRegexp.marshalTo(RubyRegexp regexp, MarshalStream output)
static void RubyStruct.marshalTo(RubyStruct struct, MarshalStream output)
 void RubyClass.smartDump(MarshalStream stream, IRubyObject target)
          Marshal the given object to the marshaling stream, being "smart" and caching how to do that marshaling.

Uses of MarshalStream in org.jruby.runtime

Methods in org.jruby.runtime with parameters of type MarshalStream
 void ObjectMarshal.marshalTo(Ruby runtime, java.lang.Object obj, RubyClass type, MarshalStream marshalStream)

Uses of MarshalStream in org.jruby.runtime.marshal

Methods in org.jruby.runtime.marshal with parameters of type MarshalStream
 void MarshalCache.writeLink(MarshalStream output, IRubyObject value)
 void MarshalCache.writeSymbolLink(MarshalStream output, java.lang.String sym)

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