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Packages that use ManyVarsDynamicScope

Uses of ManyVarsDynamicScope in org.jruby.embed

Methods in org.jruby.embed that return ManyVarsDynamicScope
 ManyVarsDynamicScope EmbedEvalUnit.getScope()
          Returns a scope used to parse a script.

Uses of ManyVarsDynamicScope in org.jruby.embed.internal

Methods in org.jruby.embed.internal that return ManyVarsDynamicScope
 ManyVarsDynamicScope EmbedEvalUnitImpl.getScope()
          Returns a ManyVarsDynamicScope used to parse a script.

Constructors in org.jruby.embed.internal with parameters of type ManyVarsDynamicScope
EmbedEvalUnitImpl(ScriptingContainer container, Node node, ManyVarsDynamicScope scope)
EmbedEvalUnitImpl(ScriptingContainer container, Node node, ManyVarsDynamicScope scope, Script script)

Uses of ManyVarsDynamicScope in org.jruby.embed.variable

Methods in org.jruby.embed.variable with parameters of type ManyVarsDynamicScope
static void VariableInterceptor.inject(BiVariableMap map, Ruby runtime, ManyVarsDynamicScope scope, int depth, IRubyObject receiver)
          Injects variable values from Java to Ruby just before an evaluation or method invocation.

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