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Packages that use JRubyFile

Uses of JRubyFile in org.jruby

Fields in org.jruby declared as JRubyFile
protected  JRubyFile RubyDir.dir

Methods in org.jruby that return JRubyFile
static JRubyFile RubyFile.file(IRubyObject pathOrFile)
          Get the fully-qualified JRubyFile object for the path, taking into account the runtime's current directory.
protected static JRubyFile RubyDir.getDir(Ruby runtime, java.lang.String path, boolean mustExist)
          Returns a Java File object for the specified path.
protected static JRubyFile RubyDir.getDirForRmdir(Ruby runtime, java.lang.String path)
          Similar to getDir, but performs different checks to match rmdir behavior.

Uses of JRubyFile in org.jruby.runtime.load

Methods in org.jruby.runtime.load with parameters of type JRubyFile
protected  java.lang.String LoadService.getFileName(JRubyFile file, java.lang.String namePlusSuffix)
protected  java.lang.String LoadService19.getFileName(JRubyFile file, java.lang.String nameWithSuffix)

Uses of JRubyFile in org.jruby.util

Subclasses of JRubyFile in org.jruby.util
 class JRubyNonExistentFile

Methods in org.jruby.util that return JRubyFile
static JRubyFile JRubyFile.create(java.lang.String cwd, java.lang.String pathname)

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