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Methods in org.jruby that throw BadDescriptorException
protected static boolean RubyIO.emptyBufferOrEOF(org.jruby.util.ByteList buffer, OpenFile myOpenFile)
 Stream RubyIO.getHandler()
protected  RubyString RubyIO.readAll()
protected  RubyString RubyIO.readAll(RubyString str)
protected  org.jruby.util.ByteList RubyIO.readAllCommon(Ruby runtime)
protected  boolean RubyIO.swallow(int term)

Uses of BadDescriptorException in org.jruby.ext.socket

Methods in org.jruby.ext.socket that throw BadDescriptorException
protected RubyBasicSocket.getLocalSocket(java.lang.String caller)
protected RubyBasicSocket.getRemoteSocket()

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Methods in that throw BadDescriptorException
 boolean OpenFile.areBothEOF()
 void ChannelDescriptor.checkOpen()
          Check whether the isOpen returns true, raising a BadDescriptorException if it returns false.
 void OpenFile.checkReadable(Ruby runtime)
 void OpenFile.checkWritable(Ruby runtime)
 void ChannelDescriptor.close()
          Close this descriptor.
 void ChannelDescriptor.dup2Into(ChannelDescriptor other)
          Mimics the POSIX dup2(2) function, returning a new descriptor that references the same open channel but with a specified fileno.
 void CRLFStreamWrapper.fclose()
 void ChannelStream.fclose()
          Closes IO handler resources.
 void Stream.fclose()
 boolean CRLFStreamWrapper.feof()
 boolean ChannelStream.feof()
 boolean Stream.feof()
          Return true when at end of file (EOF).
 int CRLFStreamWrapper.fflush()
 int ChannelStream.fflush()
 int Stream.fflush()
 void OpenFile.fflush(Stream stream)
 int CRLFStreamWrapper.fgetc()
 int ChannelStream.fgetc()
 int Stream.fgetc()
 long CRLFStreamWrapper.fgetpos()
 long ChannelStream.fgetpos()
 long Stream.fgetpos()
          Get the current position within the file associated with this handler.
 org.jruby.util.ByteList CRLFStreamWrapper.fgets(org.jruby.util.ByteList separatorString)
 org.jruby.util.ByteList ChannelStream.fgets(org.jruby.util.ByteList separatorString)
 org.jruby.util.ByteList Stream.fgets(org.jruby.util.ByteList separatorString)
static Stream ChannelStream.fopen(Ruby runtime, java.lang.String path, ModeFlags modes)
 void CRLFStreamWrapper.fputc(int c)
 void ChannelStream.fputc(int c)
 void Stream.fputc(int c)
 org.jruby.util.ByteList CRLFStreamWrapper.fread(int number)
 org.jruby.util.ByteList ChannelStream.fread(int number)
 org.jruby.util.ByteList Stream.fread(int number)
 void CRLFStreamWrapper.freopen(Ruby runtime, java.lang.String path, ModeFlags modes)
 void ChannelStream.freopen(Ruby runtime, java.lang.String path, ModeFlags modes)
 void Stream.freopen(Ruby runtime, java.lang.String path, ModeFlags modes)
 void CRLFStreamWrapper.ftruncate(long newLength)
 void ChannelStream.ftruncate(long newLength)
 void Stream.ftruncate(long newLength)
 int CRLFStreamWrapper.fwrite(org.jruby.util.ByteList string)
 int ChannelStream.fwrite(org.jruby.util.ByteList string)
 int Stream.fwrite(org.jruby.util.ByteList string)
 int CRLFStreamWrapper.getline(org.jruby.util.ByteList dst, byte terminator)
 int ChannelStream.getline(org.jruby.util.ByteList dst, byte terminator)
 int Stream.getline(org.jruby.util.ByteList dst, byte terminator)
          Read all bytes up to and including a terminator byte.
 int CRLFStreamWrapper.getline(org.jruby.util.ByteList dst, byte terminator, long limit)
 int ChannelStream.getline(org.jruby.util.ByteList dst, byte terminator, long limit)
 int Stream.getline(org.jruby.util.ByteList dst, byte terminator, long limit)
          Reads all bytes up to and including a terminator byte or until limit is reached.
 Stream OpenFile.getMainStreamSafe()
 Stream OpenFile.getPipeStreamSafe()
 Stream OpenFile.getWriteStreamSafe()
 int ChannelDescriptor.internalWrite(java.nio.ByteBuffer buffer)
          Write the bytes in the specified byte list to the associated channel.
 void CRLFStreamWrapper.lseek(long offset, int type)
 long ChannelDescriptor.lseek(long offset, int whence)
          Perform a low-level seek operation on the associated channel if it is instanceof FileChannel, or raise PipeException if it is not a FileChannel.
 void ChannelStream.lseek(long offset, int type)
          Implementation of libc "lseek", which seeks on seekable streams, raises EPIPE if the fd is assocated with a pipe, socket, or FIFO, and doesn't do anything for other cases (like stdio).
 void Stream.lseek(long offset, int type)
          Perform a seek based on pos().
 int buffer)
          Perform a low-level read of the remaining number of bytes into the specified byte buffer.
 int dst)
 int dst, boolean partial)
 org.jruby.util.ByteList number)
 org.jruby.util.ByteList number)
 org.jruby.util.ByteList number)
 int number, org.jruby.util.ByteList byteList)
          Perform a low-level read of the specified number of bytes into the specified byte list.
 org.jruby.util.ByteList CRLFStreamWrapper.readall()
 org.jruby.util.ByteList ChannelStream.readall()
          Deprecated. readall do busy loop for the IO which has NONBLOCK bit. You should implement the logic by yourself with fread().
 org.jruby.util.ByteList Stream.readall()
 org.jruby.util.ByteList ChannelStream.readnonblock(int number)
 org.jruby.util.ByteList ChannelStream.readpartial(int number)
 void offset, int whence)
 void CRLFStreamWrapper.sync()
 void ChannelStream.sync()
 void Stream.sync()
          Flush and sync all writes to the filesystem.
 int ChannelDescriptor.write(java.nio.ByteBuffer buffer)
          Write the bytes in the specified byte list to the associated channel.
 int ChannelStream.write(java.nio.ByteBuffer buf)
 int ChannelDescriptor.write(org.jruby.util.ByteList buf)
          Write the bytes in the specified byte list to the associated channel.
 int ChannelDescriptor.write(org.jruby.util.ByteList buf, int offset, int len)
          Write the bytes in the specified byte list to the associated channel.
 int ChannelDescriptor.write(int c)
          Write the byte represented by the specified int to the associated channel.
 int ChannelStream.writenonblock(org.jruby.util.ByteList buf)

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