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 long CRLFStreamWrapper.fgetpos()
 long ChannelStream.fgetpos()
 long Stream.fgetpos()
          Get the current position within the file associated with this handler.
static Stream ChannelStream.fopen(Ruby runtime, java.lang.String path, ModeFlags modes)
 void CRLFStreamWrapper.freopen(Ruby runtime, java.lang.String path, ModeFlags modes)
 void ChannelStream.freopen(Ruby runtime, java.lang.String path, ModeFlags modes)
 void Stream.freopen(Ruby runtime, java.lang.String path, ModeFlags modes)
 void CRLFStreamWrapper.ftruncate(long newLength)
 void Stream.ftruncate(long newLength)
 void CRLFStreamWrapper.lseek(long offset, int type)
 long ChannelDescriptor.lseek(long offset, int whence)
          Perform a low-level seek operation on the associated channel if it is instanceof FileChannel, or raise PipeException if it is not a FileChannel.
 void ChannelStream.lseek(long offset, int type)
          Implementation of libc "lseek", which seeks on seekable streams, raises EPIPE if the fd is assocated with a pipe, socket, or FIFO, and doesn't do anything for other cases (like stdio).
 void Stream.lseek(long offset, int type)
          Perform a seek based on pos().
 void offset, int whence)

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