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Uses of Stream in org.jruby

Methods in org.jruby that return Stream
protected  Stream RubyIO.fdopen(ChannelDescriptor existingDescriptor, ModeFlags modes)
 Stream RubyIO.getHandler()

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Classes in that implement Stream
 class ChannelStream
          This file implements a seekable IO file.
 class CRLFStreamWrapper
          Wrapper around Stream that packs and unpacks LF <=> CRLF.

Methods in that return Stream
static Stream ChannelStream.fdopen(Ruby runtime, ChannelDescriptor descriptor, ModeFlags modes)
static Stream ChannelStream.fdopen(Ruby runtime, ChannelDescriptor descriptor, ModeFlags modes, boolean autoclose)
static Stream ChannelStream.fopen(Ruby runtime, java.lang.String path, ModeFlags modes)
 Stream OpenFile.getMainStream()
 Stream OpenFile.getMainStreamSafe()
 Stream OpenFile.getPipeStream()
 Stream OpenFile.getPipeStreamSafe()
 Stream OpenFile.getWriteStream()
 Stream OpenFile.getWriteStreamSafe()
static Stream runtime, ChannelDescriptor descriptor)
static Stream runtime, ChannelDescriptor descriptor, boolean autoclose)

Methods in with parameters of type Stream
 void OpenFile.fflush(Stream stream)
 void OpenFile.setMainStream(Stream mainStream)
 void OpenFile.setPipeStream(Stream pipeStream)

Constructors in with parameters of type Stream
CRLFStreamWrapper(Stream stream)

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